The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death – How to Defeat It

It may be said that the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death is a chronic disease experienced by Microsoft’s gaming console. If not given the proper treatment, the error will occur over and over again. Quick fix tricks like wrapping a towel over the console usually just prolongs the agony ending in a bitter result.

If you really want your Xbox 360 to get better, then a permanent cure is in order. But finding an effective cure would be difficult if proper diagnosis is not done. Just like any disease the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death has a cause, but this cause should be promptly determined first.

Some say that the cause of Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death is due to hardware failure, and this failure happens when the console overheats. This of course is not proven yet. But there is a way to find the cause of the problem and fix it. The problem though is that Microsoft is not sharing their findings.

And like in any serious disease where a part is seriously affected, the only way to fix it is through surgery, or in electronics, prying open the unit and either replacing the part or joining them. But if you take your Xbox 360 to Microsoft, this can be a very expensive surgery.

The best option would be donning the surgical mask yourself.

Yes, you can be able to fix your own Xbox 360 and snatch it from the throngs of the dreaded Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death.

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